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  • Some of our products require us to quote for shipping & delivery. You will be able to add these products to a 'quote list' and submit to us.

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    Liscop Cattle Clipper - Profi


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    • Founded in 1954, Lister Germany is a leading manufacturer of animal equipment in Europe. Bainbridge is pleased to now offer the exceptional quality of the Liscop range of animal clippers to Australia.
    • Liscop animal clippers incorporate top quality materials and industry leading design to create a meticulous refined range of animal clippers over Lister Germany's 60 year manufacturing journey.
    • Manufactured to the highest standards, Liscop animal clippers are suitable for both professional users and hobby farmers.
    • Made in Germany
    • The new generation of shearing machines for professional cattle clipping
    • Features a powerful energy saving 200 watt DC technology (approximately 400W AC) which performs even under the most adverse conditions without noticeable drop in speed
    • Innovative non vibration system
    • The new generation engine technology in the grip area of the machine allows for an ergonomic design with the benefit of a lower weight
    • The balanced weight distribution ensures fatigue free clipping also under constant load
    • Through the optimised air filter, large air masses are left to achieve an optimum cooling of the motor and the machine
    • The Profi Line Cattle Clipper comes ready to use: Equipped clipping head, a set of blades for day to day grooming (clipping height approx 3mm), new combination wrench and special Liscop Clipper Oil in a sturdy plastic case
    • Made in Germany


    • Cutting Speed: 2,500 double strokes/min
    • Dimensions: 51mm x 52mm x 320mm
    • Noise Level: 70 dB (approx)
    • Cooling System: Passage ventilation for motor, gearbox, shear head and cutting blade
    • Drive System: Single step, encapsulated, vacuum permanent lubrication
    • Shear Head: Aluminium silver coated
    • Blade Drive: Vibratory drive system with a novel pressure distribution for long life; smooth running
    • Cutter Drive System: "Whispering" oscillating cutter drive system with pressure distributor for long trouble free service; running extremely quiet
    • Air Filter: New air filter which is easily removed without tools ‚Äì quick and easy to clean
    • Weight: Only 1,120g (without cable)
    • Power Cord: 5m in length